More Layoffs at Instructure

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"Today, Instructure has implemented a new, even larger round of layoffs, this time primarily targeted at the Canvas side of the business (academic markets in higher ed and K-12). More than 150 people are losing their jobs, representing more than 12% of the workforce. These layoffs appear to be broad-based, hitting most if not all departments. When combined with the January cuts, Instructure has now removed almost 20% of its full-time staff since the beginning of the year. These are significant layoffs."

Am I the only one a bit freaked out about this? Private equity destroying yet another business. Instructure looking more and more like Blackboard.

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Hi David and John,

As I'm sure is the case at your own institutions, as the pandemic settled in our support team began experiencing an order of magnitude increase in demand.  I am not saying this to make excuses and I apologize for the pain you and your educators and students are experiencing.  I can tell you that during this time we have been hiring additional support personnel and that we haven't had any reductions in support staffing.

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