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I am returning to school after MANY years in the workforce. Can anyone interpret this and help me understand how to ascertain the books needed for my next class, PLEASE...

What is "MyMathLab" and how do I gain successful access? Here are the instructions provided...


College Algebra with Intermediate Algebra: A Blended Course, by Beecher, Penna, Johnson, and Bittinger.

Students have the following options for purchasing access to the text

(Access to MyMathLab is required)

1) MyMathLab with eText 18-week Access. ISBN: 9780135234532.

2) MyMathLab with eText 24 Month Access. ISBN: 9780135909096.

With either of the options above there is a Print Upgrade Offer available.

3) Package: College Algebra with Intermediate Algebra: A Blended Course, Binder Ready Edition, with MyLab Math - 18-week Access Card Package, Beecher & Penna & Johnson.

BSN: 9780136175858.


Most grateful, thank you, in advance, for any direction provided...

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Community Coach

Hello there, @MrsRussell ...

I am sorry to see that your question has been sitting out here unanswered for quite a while.  Unfortunately, most Canvas Community members here won't be able to help answer specifics about your textbooks for your course.  We only have access to our own Canvas environments at our own schools, and we do not have access to your Canvas course(s) or your school's Canvas environment.  Your best bet would be to reach out directly to your instructor(s) at your school.  Or, if your school has a bookstore, they might be able to help with that, too.  Good luck to you!