Non-existent users can now be enrolled in courses

Community Contributor

Hi Admins! I just noticed a disconcerting change, which I think first appeared after the Jan. 9 update.

We do not allow anyone in Canvas to use the +People button, except for a very specific role, and Admins. I use it fairly frequently to add students to a new term course site where they need to finish an incomplete. Previously, if I made a typo in the email address, like instead of, I would get an error message telling me the user did not exist. Now I can type in any email/login and get "Validated and ready to add 1 user". I am dreaming that this used to generate an error (like it still does for the non-admin role)? The enrollment in the course gets created (as invited), but no user gets created.

Canvas support says this is the expected behaviour for admins.