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Office 365 Collaborations - Version history and editing tag errors

Hi there,

I have 2 questions about typing in a word document collaboration (using office 365 integration):

1.  Does anyone know if Canvas has a versioning / editing history function? Is there a way I can view what student has contributed and what they have contributed? I know onedrive/office 365 has a versioning function but this is unreliable and unclear in terms of viewing who contributed what.

2. Is anyone having an issue where students names are not displayed beside their editing tags and instead the instructor or admin's name is displayed for each student?  If the instructor or admin was John Smith and 10 students were typing it would look like 10 John Smith's are typing in the document.

Many thanks


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If there is a versioning feature for Canvas I have not yet found it. I too rely on the Versioning element of Office365 which works slightly better if you are working with installed versions of Office and not the online apps.

The only thing I have managed to look at are saved versions at different instances of the collaborative document eg


I have never been able to get the sort of Track Changes feature you get if you share the document outside of Canvas

The only time I get repeated names of the instructor is when I am sharing a document with my test account students (Johnny and Jilly) and they add in comments on different browsers but on the same device. Because I am still logged on as me, it appears that I am adding in the comments each time:


If I have them logged in on different devices then I dont see this.

Not sure if this helps?

"Interestingly" I did find this option in Office when peoples' names were not showing next to the tags - Go to File > Options > Advanced > Display and tick the Show presence flags for selected items

Although, I did discover the other day that when using the Cloud Assignment, Canvas keeps copies of each version you submit.

Hi Gideon,

Thank you so much for your quick reply- yes I can also see saved instances of the collaboration document but not the actual changes or contributions that student has actually made. 

Thanks for highlighting the word option 'Show presence flags for selected items' which I was not aware of and this was unticked - I will carry out some further testing with it ticked although I would have expected no flags to come up at all when this was unticked rather than just my name.  

I still get the error even with actual students enrolled (colleagues I enrolled a students) so unfortunately it's not limited to  just test students.



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Version History is part of your Office365 tenant. Go to the OneDrive use the 3 dots or menu and you will see version history of the files within office365.