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On-screen Protractor

Today I added an on-screen protractor for measuring angles in quiz questions. It can be toggled on and off from any question, and can be dragged around and rotated into position to overlay an image in order to measure an angle. This is the first of a few tools I wish to implement, others may include plotting graphs and drawing on diagrams.

I think the question tools built into Canvas are a little basic, and something like Khan's Perseus would be better - Khan/perseus · GitHub - perhaps as a feature option (for those wanting that extra flexibility).

I have attached my source files for anyone who might find this useful.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @david_rivers ​, pretty cool! This would be even better shared with the Teaching Math in Canvas​ group in the Community!!

Also, since there's no right or wrong answer, I'm going to switch this over from a question to a discussion.

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Is there an on-screen cm ruler I can use to measure uploaded student math constructions?

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I am very new to using Canvas and have limited knowledge of how to create anything other than basic assignment page.  I'm working virtually and have created a movable protractor for my students to use in Google slide and draw, but i need to find a way for them to have one their canvas assignments.  This looks what I'm looking for, but I need help in how to place it in a Canvas assignment.  

Thanks for your help!