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Open Registration for subaccounts?

Is there any way to enable open registration for a specific subset of courses, or a subaccount?  We have an issue where we've disabled open enrollment for the community, which in general has been a positive because it means extra accounts aren't being created all the time, but there is a group of continuing education courses that were using open enrollments for last minute additions to their courses.

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I am very interested in this same approach. No replies?

Community Champion

Nope.  And haven't found a real workaround.  I assigned one of their administrators an Admin role in order to do the last minute adds.

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 @abunag ,

I don't think there is a way to currently do this in Canvas.  Have you submitted this as an enhancement idea?

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The only workaround I have is to have the classes I want open for enrollment as manually added, the others are added automatically from the SIS.

Not ideal.