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Pearson Key/Secret request - what to uses for Base URL

I have a pretty simple question about Pearson LTI integration. This is regarding a rush integration of Pearson Revel, since classes have already started. I am being directed to Pearson tier one support and they are slow/unable to answer questions. I want to complete this integration by Monday morning. The question I have is what URL should I provide for the Base URL for our production Canvas when requesting Key and Secret from Pearson. We have a vanity URL (, which is an alias for Normally would try one and if that did not work switch to the other, but with Pearson's Key / Secret request system it seems that I only have one shot to pick, and there does not seem to be a way to reset if the selection does not work. 

Thanks for any advice - obviously not as question that should be going to the Canvas community. Please forgive this sub-optimal use of this resource.


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I haven't configured Revel recently, so I don't have a educated answer for you, but I would lean towards using the vanity URL. I feel like I remember us having some trouble with the grade passback feature on a couple of products that had the original Instructure URL configured. With that said, every vendor seems to be a little different in how they leverage/implement LTI, so it's tough to say that it's an across the board thing. 

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Thanks, Todd. I ended up using the vanity URL, which seems to work. I want to make sure we include testing specific to grade passback. Thanks for underscoring that concern.