Possible to unlink observers from students

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Does anyone know if it's possible to unlink a student from an observer not one course at a time, but altogether (all the courses at once)? 

The problem right now is that I have to go to the observer's page, click on the cross on each and every course that they had with the student. It's not very effective work. Smiley Happy Or can they unlink themselves in any way? 

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 @rebecca_asker ,

If you are familiar with the SIS Import process you can use that to unlink them all at the same time.  You can run a provisioning report in the sub-account that those courses live in to get the enrollments for the courses. 


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Community Team

Starting on March 17, Observers will be able to remove observed students from their own Observer account! You can read about the details in the Canvas Deploy Notes (2021-03-17). 🎉

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