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PowerSchool Sync when Teachers have Custom Grade Scale

PowerSchool finally released a version of PT Pro that allows teachers to create their own custom grade scale. The majority of our teachers in the Secondary schools use custom grade scales, so this was a welcomed enhancement. 

Now that school has started and teachers are using the grade sync from Canvas to PT Pro, I am seeing that teachers who have custom grade scales are unable to sync scores. They get the message:

COLLECTION_GENERIC - #### - HTTP response HTTP/1.1 409 Conflict response: {"message":"ActualScoreGradeScaleId 1 is not valid for Section with Id:#####"}

Has anyone else using PowerSchool seen this issue?

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I too am running into this issue. It seems like the sync engine is inserting assignments into PowerSchool using the section GradeScaleId as the ActualScoreGradeScaleDcid. This works until a teacher enters a custom grade scale. When a section has been set to a custom grade scale, the assignments should be entered with the GradeScaleDcid from the Section_GradeScale table in PowerSchool. 

I have been poking at this to try different ways to get it to work, and I don't see any way to get these grades to sync without:

  • Returning the section back to the non-custom grade scale
  • Creating a new district-wide grade scale for the teacher to use
  • Returning the section back to the non-custom grade scale, syncing, re-applying the custom scale, then recalculating in PowerSchool

None of these options are acceptable workarounds, I would love to get some feedback from Canvas on this one.