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Read SIS Permission What does this allow?

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We are new to Canvas and I am having issue in determining what one of the permissions allows.  The Read SIS Data permission. What does this allow a Course Role to see or do? Does anyone know? I can't find anything in the guides .



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rgibson1​, does the user role have "Add/remove students for the course" enabled? I think that's the one, at least from my testing. Let me know and if not, I'll keep digging.

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Unfortunately, we can't have that enabled. We use SIS data imports.

I tried searching the feature ideas but couldn't find one matches what you're looking for. However, there were a few ideas recently shared to make the "Add/remove students" and "Manage course sections" permissions more granular. I would suggest either commenting on either of those or sharing a new idea. Thanks, Rob!

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Hi everyone, 

I performed several tests around this permission, but even when I disable it, I'm still able to read all of the information that shouldn't appear anymore. Is there any thing else that I should considere?