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Is there any way we can remove pending batches in SIS import? 

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Hi @wli40 ,
You can do this through the api, I found this in the API documentation I hope this will help solve your question.
PUT /api/v1/accounts/:account_id/sis_imports/:id/abort
Scope: url:PUT|/api/v1/accounts/:account_id/sis_imports/:id/abort

Abort a SIS import that has not completed.

Aborting a sis batch that is running can take some time for every process to see the abort event. Subsequent sis batches begin to process 10 minutes after the abort to allow each process to clean up properly.

Example Request:
curl https://<canvas>/api/v1/accounts/<account_id>/sis_imports/<sis_import_id>/abort \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer <token>'
Returns a SisImport
PUT /api/v1/accounts/:account_id/sis_imports/abort_all_pending
Scope: url:PUT|/api/v1/accounts/:account_id/sis_imports/abort_all_pending

Abort already created but not processed or processing SIS imports.

Example Request:
curl https://<canvas>/api/v1/accounts/<account_id>/sis_imports/abort_all_pending \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer <token>'

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