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Restrict student navigation options for all courses in an account?

What is the easiest way to limit student navigation options for all courses? We would like hide navigation links in the sidebar so that students only access home, modules, and grades. I know how to do this in a single course in the settings, but can we set it so all courses in our account have these options pre-set?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @JaimeGilligan ...

I suppose that you could potentially do this with the new "Templates" feature that will be available in Canvas starting next weekend.  You could create a "template" course, define those course navigation menu items and other course content that you wanted to include in the template for all courses, and then when new course shells are created, those items would be there.  Of course, that probably wouldn't stop someone from changing their course navigation settings to include more (or less) course navigation menu items in the course after the fact.  Here are some resources for you:

Do you think this might be a workable solution that fits your needs?  Looking forward to hearing back from you on this...take care, stay safe, and be well.