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Revert from turnitin to file upload submission type


I have had the occasion when a tutor has forgotten to add the rubric to an assignment which had a Turnitin type submission, this was noticed when they went to use speed grader to mark the student submissions.

Up untill recently it was not a issue, I would just edit the assignment, change the submission type to file upload, attach the rubric (which was already added via the rubrics option), and then turn it back to a Turnitin style submission.

But now I can not.

Was there a change I have missed in the functionality of Canvas?

Or is there another way of doing this?

Any clues?

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HI @ian10,

It’s Maryna, Community Manager from Turnitin. Were you able to solve the issue? I guess our Support Team could be of great benefit to you. They can provide you with a prompt recommendation and advice on ways to streamline the entire workflow.

Please visit our new help center to find answers to your question: https://supportcenter.turnitin.com/s/. If you’re still having issues, please email us at tiisupport@turnitin.com.

Please let me know if I could be of any other help.