Roll Call: multi-section & grade?

Community Champion
OK, so I'm hoping somebody's worked out the rules around how Roll Call passes grades into the Gradebook in a multi-section course.
I've got a course containing 2 sections (same students in each - long story). Each section has its own Roll Call attendance record.
What I'd like: ideally, the 'primary' section's Roll Call record would produce the "Roll Call Attendance" Assignment grade in the Canvas Gradebook, while the record from the 'secondary' section would simply exist within the Roll Call UI.
What I get curious. Below is the behavior I saw testing in beta, condensed for clarity:
  1. Context: In COURSE-101, there are 2 sections, SEC-01 and SEC-02. The same students are enrolled in both sections.
  2. I used Roll Call to record attendance, across multiple dates, both for SEC-01 and for SEC-02. In SEC-01, I recorded every student as present, whereas in SEC-02, I recorded every student as absent or tardy.
  3. I alternated as follows: (1) record SEC-01 attendance; (2) view Gradebook and note "Roll Call Attendance" scores; (3) record SEC-02 attendance; (4) view Gradebook and note "Roll Call Attendance" scores. Repeat.
  4. I observed that the Roll Call Attendance score "flipped" to reflect the score based upon the attendance record of the most-recently-recorded section.
  5. I concluded, therefore, that the Assignment is receiving data from both sections' attendance records, and is simply displaying a grade based on the most recent change, regardless of section.

Does anybody have experience with Roll Call in multi-section courses, where more than one section is recording different attendance records - and whether my conclusion above is accurate? Thanks!