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SCORM and Storyline Scoring - Complete/Incomplete

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Hey Gang,

Does anyone know if there is a way to configure Storyline activities to report a score of incomplete or complete in Canvas?

We're currently using SCORM 2004 (4th edition), with a completed/incomplete report, that tracks using a quiz result. We upload to Canvas as a graded assignment (using the SCORM tool) and then set the assignment to report as a percentage with a possible score of 100 points.

With these settings, I'm getting scores of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. These scores are directly related to the four "sections" the student has to complete in the exercise. These four sections all have a results slide, and the final results slide is pulling scores from these slides to verify the exercise was completed.

Here is a copy of the exercise if you're curious:

Again, we just want Storyline to report the exercise is complete and give them full value for the exercise if they achieve a passing score. I've tested other scenarios (like reporting based on slides viewed) without success. I don't want it to report partial scores.

Any info anyone out there could provide would be extremely helpful.



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Hi Angela,

Thanks for lodging the support ticket. I'm curious if you heard anything back?

I am having the same problem, and have tried all Reporting settings and exporting as Storyline 1.2. We also just get 100% if they go over the minimum number of slides, but no mark at all if they don't get that far; we want that to show as 'Incomplete' and the 100% to show as 'Complete'. We'd like our lecturers to know if the student has attempted the task, and 'incomplete' is useful for that.

Thanks, Andrew

Hi Andrew,

No, Canvas was unable to assist us. We ended up using Slides Completed instead of Quiz Results for tracking completion. Hmm, good point about showing attempts...I don't think that worked for us, either. I'm finding the SCORM support in Canvas highly lacking and hope they are working on improvement. Good luck and please post if you find any workarounds!



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I'm keeping my eye on this one. I'm wondering the same types of things about SCORM activities,  @mmitchell ​. I know it could sure use some extra love from Instructure. I create SCORM activities for Canvas, but for some reason the points earned in the activities don't report exact scores to Canvas. Because of this I could only find making SCORM activities a module view-requirement for students   😕

I typically relegate the SCORM activity's purpose as an enrichment activity that is not necessarily required for the student to succeed in the module learning path. Usually, the SCORM learning activities we create are substitutes for drill-and-kill anyway (pedagogically think: vocab, factoid memorization practice, low-level Bloom recall, DOK1 level, etc). I park the SCORM after the direct instruction portions of the module but before the formative or summative assessment activity portion of the module but typically set the module requirement as "must view" for the SCORM activity. This way the student can engage in the SCORM game or they can pass on by to the module assessment where I can set an actual "must score" threshold if I want students to be able not only to attempt and pass the assessment but perhaps then also to earn a badge for example that will auto-deploy to the student should they meet the passing grade threshold.

In this way the SCORM learning activities become an enhancement to the student's learning but are not the critical/must-do activity, and they offer learners a brain-friendly student choice rather than requirement. I'd love for a student's SCORM activity score or completion of a an activity like your Storylines to be communicated more directly to Canvas, but until SCORM activities talk to our beloved LMS more directly (and perhaps travel along with content migrations between courses, too) I pedagogically demote the SCORM activities importance "down" in my students' learning paths from a mandatory level to a learning extension or enrichment level not required for students to succeed (but will certainly help them succeed) on the assessment.

 @mmitchell ​, I'm not sure if this is helpful or not during the interim while you wait for a different response about your Storyline activities, but it is how I have approached SCORM integration as it functions currently in Canvas. If you could share a shot of where you're finding the 25%, 50%, 75% etc completion reports for your SCORM activities, I'd be very grateful. There has to be something I'm overlooking.

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I think a reason Instructure can't assist is because Storyline doesn't report asynchronously to the LMS - that is, it waits until a threshold is reached before reporting the 'result'. As such, it won't report 'progress' through a module dynamically to the LMS until the completion threshold has been reached (say x slides out of 10). I think this is the reason Canvas is not showing 'Incomplete' in the gradebook.

In my case, we are deploying a careers module on writing CVs and resumes, so no grade is needed. The lecturer simply wants to know if it has been attempted. Since having 'Incomplete' is not an option, I am thinking of setting the total number of slides in the SL module as the highest mark, and set the completion threshold as 1 slide, and to report the grade as the number of slides viewed. That way the %age in gradebook will show as how much of the module has been accessed.

Please correct me if my assumptions about Articulate are incorrect. It needs an asynchronous communication mode (AJAX) as per modern web 2.0 capability, and the LMS needs to be set up to receive this on-the-fly info.

Maybe TinCan can do this?

@Todd Silvius I agree with your characterisation of SL as lower level Blooms. I think the best role for SL is not to 'teach' but to simply provide information, like PPT.

Guys, I found this thread helpful LMS progress triggers by slide visit - Articulate Storyline Discussions - E-Learning Heroes 

Hi  @a1222217 ​. Actually, to clarify my comments, I wasn't characterizing SL this was; sorry if I was unclear about that. Since I haven't gotten much reporting data-reporting-bang for my SCORM-activity-building buck in Canvas I was instead characterizing my SCORM activities as activities that aren't necessary to the success of a student but that could enrich the direct instruction of the learning module. By that I mean that they are more or different ways for students to engage with the learning beyond the main instruction of the module. I'm not familiar enough with SL to vote it up or down, but my use of SCORM activities in Canvas is typically for practice and extra rehearsal activities, not the main learning itself. Again, for any miscommunication I made earlier.

Hi Todd, thanks for clarifying Smiley Happy

In a similar way, I have seen SCORM deployed as pre-class familiarisation in a flipped scenario.

All the best!

Hi Mike, I'm having the same problem as the original poster (except that my SCORM package is created in Camtasia 9) and tried your suggestion to use a custom grading scheme. Unfortunately no matter how I set up the custom grading scheme for an individual assignment, Canvas ignores that grading scheme when calculating the total grade. That is, if the person got 33% on a 1-point assignment, Canvas treats that as .33 points in the final grade, even if the grading scheme says that anything greater than 0% should be 1.0 points. I'm posting because you said you would be very surprised if this didn't work. I'm wondering if you have had success with this work-around? And if so, if you have any suggestions for what I'm doing wrong?

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Here it is 2020 on this old thread and none of my Articulate or Storyline SCOMS ever report any type of grade properly.  My guess is the ILT is not reporting properly to Canvas but I'm stuck.  I check my SCORM compatibility and grade reporting on the Rustic SCORM test site and it works flawlessly.  The problem has to be with Canvas and their default ILT. If I knew how to start a new thread or put in a fix request I would but I don't have much faith in Canvas to fix this.