SIS Import Lack of Detail - Aggregates errors into a total

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I couldn't find an ongoing discussion of this issue, so thought I'd start one. 

I was really surprised that this weekend's release didn't result in a fix to the issue of aggregating errors in the SIS import.  If you haven't experienced this, the system provides the detail on a small number of errors, but then simply gives an aggregate for the rest.  This is done whether using SIS import csv files or the API.  Instructure cannot provide a list of errors.

From the SIS Import Screen

SIS Import aggregate errors

From the Download Details Spreadsheet

sis import error detail

It seems that one of the recent releases broke the SIS Import and they haven't fixed it yet.  If this is affecting you, would you weigh in?  Through my CSM, I know we're not the only customer this is affecting, but it would be good to get a sense of the urgency.  I usually get several hundred aggregate errors each day mostly due to new course sections being created at the beginning of the school year. We need a fix on this asap!

Thanks for weighing in.

Update Nov. 17, 2017

My district's Instructure CSM is pursuing this issue for us as we get close to the start of the next term.  I understand the developers must fix another bug in order to fix this one.  The good news is that I hear this fix is high on the list of priorities.  Hopefully there will be a fix soon.

Update Feb. 2018

This fix is now deployed in Canvas.  Great news!!

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