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SIS upload to switch a site status to "Completed"

I hoped to use an SIS upload to change the settings on a bunch of existing courses both adding an "Ends:" date and switching their status from "active" to "completed."  When I do the upload, there are no errors, but neither the status or the "Ends:" date changes.  (The same upload can be used to successfully change the Term.)  I'd appreciate any tips on how to do this (or confirmation that it's not possible).  Thanks.

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Hi  @hesspe ‌,

I think the reason you're not seeing any changes is because the start, end & status are all considered sticky-fields‌ within Canvas. 

SIS Import Format Documentation - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 


So when importing your csv file‌  you will need to select override ui changes‌ and then process as ui‌. 


By do this it will allow you to complete the course and enter in an end date.





Hope this helps.


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