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Samesite Cookies testing

Regarding the upcoming samesite cookies Chrome changes discussed in the developer's group -SameSite Cookies and Canvas  How are you all testing your external vendor LTIs and what have you found so far? We have been testing and reaching out to vendors individually - something that doesn't seem very efficient!

So far we have found the following updates:

BlueJeans - updated recently to accommodate the Chrome 80 cookie behaviour change

ProcktorTrak - updated recently to accommodate the Chrome 80 cookie behaviour change

Kaltura - updated recently to accommodate the Chrome 80 cookie behaviour change

Box - committed to updating but hasn't yet

Piazza - updated recently to accommodate the Chrome 80 cookie behaviour change

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 @tami_salz  what a great idea to share what we're hearing from suppliers!  Here's what I have so far:

  • BlueJeans - supplier confirms updated successfully
  • FeedbackFruits - supplier confirms updated successfully
  • ForClass - remediation appears complete, awaiting final confirmation
  • Instructure (for New Quizzes in Canvas) - appears compliant in a recent release; awaiting Customer Success confirmation
  • ProctorU - supplier confirms updated successfully
  • Study.Net - supplier confirms updated successfully
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Echo 360 seems to have been updated recently to work, which is comforting.

Still not fully working for us:

  • Box
  • Office 365
  • Roll Call
  • EvaluationKIT
  • Barnes and Noble Course Materials Purchase/Research & Adopt
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We're contacting each Vendor/3rd party.  Many seem to say it'll be sewn-up this weekend...



Respondus (LockDown Browser Integration)

Studio (which is odd... it being from Instructure...)

Threadz (self hosted)


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We have tested and contacted the following vendors:

  • Zoom - not working but committed to updating
  • NetTutor - not working
  • CoursEval - not working
  • VoiceThreads - working since we first tested
  • Panopto - working after recent fix
  • VitalSource - working after recent fix 
  • UDOIT - working via upgrade to v2.6.0
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One other note for those who might have missed it:

February, 2020Enforcement rollout for Chrome 80 Stable: The SameSite-by-default and SameSite=None-requires-Secure behaviors will begin rolling out to Chrome 80 Stable for an initial limited population starting the week of February 17, 2020, excluding the US President’s Day holiday on Monday. We will be closely monitoring and evaluating ecosystem impact from this initial limited phase through gradually increasing rollouts. 

Chrome 80: There is a 50% chance that the new SameSite rules are active in your browser, ONLY if you are using Chrome 80 Canary, Dev, or Beta. Upon the release of Chrome 80 Stable, the new SameSite behavior will be rolled out to Chrome 80 Stable users as specified in the timeline above. Chrome 80 users on other channels (Canary, Dev, Beta) will also receive the new SameSite behavior at that time.

SameSite Updates - The Chromium Projects 

So hopefully it won't be immediately impactful unless you're running beta, dev or canary.

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This is what we have at MU Columbia:

Cengage MindTapPass
Cengage UnlimitedPass
Cengage WebAssignPass
Discover MUPass
KalturaFail (vendor working on a fix)
Lockdown Browser instructor interfacePass
Lumen OHMFail
Lumen WaymakerPass
Lumena CandelaPass
Macmillan LaunchpadPass
Macmillan SaplingPass
MH ConnectPass
MH SimnetPass
StarfishPass/Fail (Depends on where it's launched from)
Norton InquizitivPass
Norton ReaderPass
OER CommonsFail
Pearson DirectFail
Pearson MyLabsPass
Roll callPass
Turnitin Feedback StudioPass
Turnitin Plagiarism FrameworkPass
WileyPLUS (new)Fail
WileyPLUS (old)Pass
ZoomFails but prompts user to open a new window/tab
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Hi Sarah, 

Thank you for the excellent list!  Can you tell me more about what in Kaltura isn't working? 

When testing Kaltura, did you test with Chrome 79 and the two settings turned on, or with Chrome 80 and the two settings turned on? 

These are the settings I'm referring to:  

  1. Paste chrome://flags in the URL bar and hit enter 
  2. Search for “SameSite by default cookies” and enable it 
  3. Search for “Cookies without SameSite must be secure” and enable it
  4. Restart Chrome (it prompts for this)  

This was a point of confusion during a Kaltura office hours call a while back, they mentioned that we'd have to test with Chrome 80 and those two settings on.  When testing in Chrome 79 with those settings on, the integration would return a message about enabling 3rd party cookies. 



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I can report that RPNow (a proctoring service) has already worked and fixed the issues they were having. 

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We tested Kaltura today with Chrome 80 and the two flags enabled, and it appears to be working ok now.