Send error reports to external helpdesk system

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Is it possible to send error reports to an external helpdesk system.

We are using 1 helpdesk system for all customer support in our institution.

We added a custom link to the Canvas help system, but it's not perfect:

  • The link is not visible on mobile ( )
  • If a page is missing in Canvas (broken link), the student can report this but this will create a ticket in the official Canvas helpdesk system (not ours).
  • If you create a ticket in Canvas you get some background information, that we don't get in our system
    • URL
    • Become link

It would be nice if we could connect the Canvas helpdesk tickets to our own helpdesk system. This would mean that people can create tickets in Canvas with the official system, but the tickets would be send to our helpdesk (f.e. through the API).

There is a possibility to create an error report through the API, but I wonder if you can read them as well.

Is this possible?

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