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Setting up the Microsoft 365 LTI - Teachers are getting a message 'Need admin approval'

I'm trying to setup the Microsoft 365 LTI and when the teachers try to login, they get the message "Need admin approval".  I have not found anything in the guides to help with this.  Has anyone else had this and if so, how did you get it working?  Thank you in advance!! 


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The LTI connection also need to be set up in the O365 environment, you should probably contact your local O365 administrator to get this done. 

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Would there be any instructions on this anywhere @A_K_Dekker  as I haven't found anything about it.  Thanks so much!!


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Is this article of help to you?


If you have already seen this article and/or it doesn't pertain to what you are trying to do, I found that I got that same error message with my Pearson integration since my Developer Key for Pearson LTI wasn't turned on.  Not sure if that's the case here either, but just hoping to provide some more info to help get closer to a solution!

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