Spreadsheet of accounts and courses

Community Champion

A user asked about whether there were public courses at KTH that the user could look at for examples. This got me to thinking, surely one can use the API to get a list of all of the courses and then one can look at the is_public and is_public_to_auth_users attributes of a course to see which were public. This resulted in a simple program (export-list-of-all-courses.py) to get this information.
When looking at these courses I wondered which parts of the university were associated with each course. One can look at the account_id attribute, but as is usual in Canvas this is just a number - so one has to know the mapping between this number and something more useful to humans. This resulted in the program export-list-of-all-accounts.py.
This lead to a combined program export-list-of-all-courses-with-account-info.py.

While some of this functionality is limited to administrative users, institutions might consider making some of the statistics from the spreadsheet public such as the numbers of public and public to authenticated users; the number of courses with each of the locales, choice of front pages (assignments, feed, modules, syllabus, wiki), ... .

All of the programs can be found at Courses and accounts: Chip sandbox