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I realized today that some of our Sub-Account Admins to not have the options of "Student View" unless they are added as a teacher to the specific course. I checked the permissions and cannot find one that seems like we have turned that off as an option for Sub-Account Admins, nor does it seem like one that is turned on for teachers. Since our Sub-Account Admins act as in a supporting role to instructors, it would be great if they could have this option. 

Has anyone else had this issue? Or found a work-around? 

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FYI in case anyone else has this issue. Here is what we ended up doing: 

Sub-Account Admins are given certain admin privileges' on the Sub-Accounts Level, however this cannot include the Act-as-User or the Student View permission. 

We then create an Account Level Administrative Role called "Act-As-User" Role and assign it to them. This is the only permission under this role. Then the Sub-account admins can find an instructor that is teaching for one of their courses, use the act-as-user feature to pretend to be them in the course, and then use the "student view" feature. 

This is a reallllll workaround and it would be great if sub-accounts admins could just have the Student View feature added to their permission possibilities. 

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