Test out new Drop Box tool?

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There's a tool we've been working on that gives each student a file space inside a Canvas course where they can place files. The files are accessible to the student and any instructors or teaching assistants on the course. This allows students to easily share files without having to submit an assignment. An instructor can also upload files to the students space that only they will be able to see. This can be used to quickly send students support materials or additional files or for the student to share files back to the instructors. If you've used the `Drop Box` tool in Sakai then this works in a very similar way.

There are still features that we'd like to add but it is working well and were wondering if anyone was interested in beta testing it.

Setup consists of add a LTI Developer Key and then it can be added to courses/accounts where it's needed.

It also supports Canvas collaborations so if the whole class doesn't need access to it a smaller number of students can be granted access to it.

If you'd be interested in testing it and feeding back please drop me a message in the community or email info@wyelearning.com