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Tools for ADA, Conferencing, Data, Plagarism

We are comparing LMS  - does Canvas have tools that are comparable to the items below (we are hoping so!!)  

If yes, are they part of Canvas or would be added as 3rd party tool (LTI)

Blackboard Ally - Blackboard Ally Help | Blackboard Help 

Blackboard Collaborate - Online Collaborative Learning Solutions | Blackboard 

Blackboard Analytics - 

Blackboard Predict - 

Blackboard Safeassign - we know Turnitin is an option but wanted to know what others were using...

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 @guilera , from my perspective and knowledge here's what Canvas has that's comparable.

  • Bb Ally = Bb Ally (this product works in Bb and Canvas) & UDOIT - UDOIT Information (is open source and technically free)
  • Bb Collaborate = Canvas Conferences (aka BigBlueButton) - What are Conferences? (conferences is built into Canvas and doesn't cost extra)
  • Bb Analytics = Canvas Data - What is Canvas Data? + Canvas is in the process of Beta testing (and hopefully rolling out soon) beefed up course analytics (this would be built into Canvas and wouldn't cost extra)
  • Bb Predict = Dropout Detective - + Canvas is in the process of Beta testing (and hopefully rolling out soon) something similar to this. I don't believe it will have the full functionality of Dropout Detective, but will try to identify at risk students.
  • Bb Safeassign = Turnitin & Vericite (which recently got bought by Turnitin) - VeriCite Plagiarism Checker | Academic Integrity  

Hope this helps!

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Great Information – Thanks!!!

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Any data on usage of the tools or impact to student success/retention…

We have lots of tools that have very little usage by faculty…and want to make sure resources are correctly applied..

For our school we use the free version of Canvas Data and that's provided some insight into the general use of Canvas by our faculty - which is pretty good overall. Otherwise, the only things we pay extra for - so really monitor to see who is using it or not - are Dropout Detective (which we love, love, love and have lots of data to back up that it's doing it's job in terms of identifying at risk students) and Arc - What is Arc?. For Arc we just got it this May and are in the very beginning stages of implementation, but our faculty are super excited about it and many are already using it in their summer classes. My goal is to monitor this use and then try to do some type of data analysis at the end of the semester. 

I'm going to share your question with the Find Answers‌ area of the Community so it gets more visibility and hopefully responses!

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I hope we see more "new" ideas and functions come July at InstructureCon.

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That's Quetext and the link is Plagiarism Checker | Quetext.

Did you mean to link to a sketchy-looking printer support company's website?