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Community Team

Top Two Most Important Feature Ideas/Bugs/Issues for Canvas Admins

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#2 and # 3.  Heck, I want them ALL!  Because of federal financial aid requirements, it is ESSENTIAL that we have #2.

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#1 and #3 would be fantastic, but #9 is important to us as well.

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Possible to do this via a survey?

#1 and #3

We talked about this in a meeting yesterday, Susan.   Thanks again for helping us to understand which specific areas of Canvas people want more granular permissions for.  We are watching all the individual threads.

Community Champion

I'm in the boat with those who answered #1 and #3.  I suspect programming an QA-ing #1 would a major undertaking and different people probably have different ideas about how they'd like permissions re-organized.  If it happens anytime soon, I'll be surprised.  If it's anywhere in the road map, it would be interesting to know that.

For #5, I'm aware of one report I would really, really like to have to manage our site securely: a report of who has sub-Admin privileges, by sub-account and by type of Admin role.  It would be interesting to know what other reports people prioritize.

One small thing that would make a big difference to me (and potentially save me from making a serious mistake) is if the privileges page could be scrolled with the header row and type column staying in place (a la grade book).

I appreciate the question because Admin feature requests may not pass the usual bar to gain attention, since they are of interest to a smaller cohort.

I agree with what you are saying, Peter!

While I understand that the focus should be on improvements that benefit the student first, there are sure a lot of feature requests in the "accommodate my personal workflow" category that are gaining traction.  There are very few of us admins in the Community, although some of us can be a tad bit vocal, and I fear the always rather clunky admin side of Canvas is getting very little attention. Part of that, as you pointed out, may simply be the difficulty of modifying the very fundamental coding of the admin functions that most likely snake through so much of the rest of Canvas.

Admins support students and teachers! Give us a break and lower the voting bar a bit!

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There is an Idea open for fixing the Permissions page layout issues ( ). It still needs 83 votes to get to 100. [Note, that this is the second time this Idea has been tried and it didn't receive enough votes last time around.]

I an attempt to better understand the priorities of various types of users, I created three discussions in three user groups:

1. this one - what are the priorities of admins

2. Top Two Most Important Ideas for K12 Canvas Users

3. Top Two Feature Ideas/Issues/Bugs for Mobile

We have talked a lot about whether to set up alternate voting processes or count votes differently for relative minority groups but have instead decided for now to keep all as it is with regards to voting thresholds but in addition to looking at vote totals, also using polling (and discussions like this one) as well as using tagging to let us look at the popularity of ideas relative to other ideas that appeal to different user roles.  At last count, there were over 50 'votes' cast for this little informal poll and we used the information in a planning meeting yesterday.