Turnitin LTI Error

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Have any of you had reports of the attached error appearing to students trying to access an assignment? I've only had three reports. I've found that creating a new assignment and deleting the old one clears up the error, but I'd like to know what the error is and how to mitigate future incidents of it.

I opened a ticket with Turnitin, and this is what they said:

The error you are reporting looks like the Post date is set before the Start date. Please try changing the Post date to see if that resolves the issue.
The Post Date feature is available for accounts using GradeBook, GradeMark, or PeerMark. The post date is when grades and marked papers will be released for student view.  It’s similar to returning the papers to your students so that they can see their grade plus any comments you made on their paper. Instructors set a post date so all students can begin viewing these at the same time. It is recommended that the post date be after the due date of an assignment (to give you time to grade), but it is possible to be before the due date.  For PeerMark assignments, the post date must always be after the due date.

Note: Students *cannot* access grades, or papers reviewed with GradeMark or PeerMark until the assignment Post Date/time has passed.

The problem is, when this error appears, an instructor can't even make edits to the assignment. In addition, an error message appears in the LTI settings in Canvas if you try to make the Feedback Release Date before the Due Date.

I'm going to respond to Turnitin, but the ID took off Turnitin, so I have no way to demonstrate the error to Turnitin, which is why I'm hoping the admin community has experienced this error before.

Thanks, Sarah