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Using a Course as a Prerequisite

Hello. We need to require that students complete a course, let's call it Course A, before students take any other course, let's call them B and C.

Its easy enough to require a module within a course as required, but we need to go further and require an entire course. I am posting here because this is as an admin and planning function but this would probably be done with Catalog.

I did find a similar post from 2015, but the blog post that explains the process is now offline and Canvas and Catalog have surely changed since then regardless.


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Community Coach

Hi @tprus-ncsbn ...

Does your school integrate their SIS (Student Information System) with Canvas?  If so, I imagine that your school's SIS would prevent students from signing up and taking courses until certain other courses have been taken.  I don't have any experience with Catalog, so I'm no sure what the capabilities are, and if that product would meet your needs.  But, I would maybe start with the people that manage your school's SIS to see if these kinds of prerequisites are configured in the way that you describe.

Hope this helps a bit.

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We do not use an SIS