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Using a timer with an LTI tool

We are in the process of integrating with an assessment/outcomes product called Credo and are piloting 2 courses beginning July 2.Credo integrates with Canvas via LTI, and the typical setup would be to create a Canvas assignment, set the type as EXTERNAL TOOL, and insert the provided URL - and this takes the student to the test, includes all needed account creation, single sign on, grade passback, etc. We have the links from the Credo side, and have created assignments, and things are working well as far as that goes.

There is an issue though, because all of our tests are timed. So far, we haven't found a simple way of timing a test from the Credo side of things. We are not aware of a way in Canvas to have a time limit on an assignment. I'm hoping there's a way to do this, and I'm just missing it. Or, maybe there is a way to put an LTI link in a Canvas assessment that we're not aware of (but guessing that this wouldn't include sso, grade passback).... or some other solution that will work. Just wondering if anyone has encountered a similar thing and found a solution.

Thanks for any ideas,

Kathleen Barringer

Excelsior College

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