When should students receive access to courses?

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We have traditionally given that access a week before classes, but I don't see why we shouldn't do that a semester before, as it would give students a chance to gather reading materials and even read a lot of them over the summer to prepare for some classes. What is your school policy for this, and what are the reasons behind it?

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For our Institution students have access to their course on the first day of class unless the Instructor opens the course early, which many do, but that's normally a week or a few days early at most.

As for the why we don't open things up earlier, most of our faculty are still building and working on their courses up to the start of the semester so we wouldn't want to put something out there for students that wasn't ready or at least confirmed.

Setting my Admin hat aside, I'm also an adjunct (part-time) Instructor and am building a hybrid course that starts in 12 days (wow, mini heart-attack there at how quick it's coming). I'm not even remotely close to having the course ready for students to see and that includes the syllabus, which I'm also still working on. I like to change things up and adjust things every semester, so there's no way I'd have a course ready to go more than a week or so early (and that's a best case scenario).

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