Where do confirmation codes go for the "text/SMS" numbers?

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This question is related to my post from yesterday about adding student phone numbers to Canvas: https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Canvas-Admin-Discussion/Adding-student-phone-numbers-to-Canvas/td...

To learn more about how the "text/SMS" communication method works in Canvas, I tried adding it to my own profile.

When I did this, a modal dialog appeared asking me for a 4-digit confirmation code.

I had put in a "text email" so I presumed that the code would be sent to my text email, which is a Google Workspace email for our institution. However, it was not in my Inbox, or even my Spam folder.

I requested it again, but it still was not sent.

I also checked the Canvas Inbox, and it did not show up there either.

Finally, I checked my phone, and I didn't see the confirmation code.

Does anyone know where these confirmation codes are normally sent? And does anyone know why I wouldn't be receiving it?

If we have to have students add their own phone numbers, I want to make sure that we can tell them how it works. We have learned Dropout Detective won't have them show up until they have been confirmed, and that requires the code.