Why can't custom roles work the same regardless of enrollment method?

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Hi Folks,

I created a custom course role because we needed to allow the role elevated permissions to manage users in a specific sub-account. It works as intended as long as users are enrolled via the UI, but it doesn't if the users are added via SIS Import. Account Roles for the sub-account have the same issue.

After submitting a Canvas Support request, I was informed this behavior was "by design".  If so, this is a bad design. Custom roles need to work regardless of enrollment method or why have them? I submitted an idea to change this design, but as one of the smallest and busiest user groups, Canvas Admins are not likely to get enough votes to make it happen.

I am  asking Canvas Admins to consider viewing this idea and voting for it:

#Created (custom) subaccount roles should behave the same, regardless of user enrollment method



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