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new Zoom LTI?

hi everyone!

We were just made aware that the Canvas Zoom App is being deprecated (Nov 2018) and there is a new Enhanced LTI they want us to use.

Configuring LTI with Canvas – Zoom Help Center 

Has anyone installed and use this new Zoom LTI? It looks to NOT use a Dev Key and only use LTI (no API calls??)

If you are using it - what functionality does it have right now beyond putting a link/button to Zoom (website proper) which just embeds Zoom into the Canvas frame?

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Wow! Thanks for posting this question. I had not yet heard about the new LTI for Zoom. Since we are just starting with both Canvas and Zoom for our fall semester starting next week, I took the leap and set up this LTI in parallel with the previous one.

The first difference I see (aside from ease of setup) is that Zoom becomes a course navigation item rather than just an "external tool" that you can add to modules. To me, this makes perfect sense because it puts access to class meetings right out in front. Note that you can still add Zoom to a module as an external tool.

What does it look like?

I don't see any functional differences from the LTI we installed in May this year. The instructor has access to create a meeting, view upcoming meetings, view past meetings, access cloud recordings, and access the personal meeting room. Student view is a similar interface with options to view upcoming meetings and previous meetings, including links to any cloud recordings.

I'm going to delete the other LTI right now! Doing so "broke the link" for any Zoom module items created with the former LTI. Since such items really don't have any content, it was easy enough to delete and rebuild -- though, I might reconsider not bothering with a rebuild since the Zoom course navigation item is more handy, anyway. I guess it depends on your course structure.

I assume all else related to the Zoom meetings themselves is exactly the same, since that happens in the Zoom app anyway.

Happy Zooming!

Thanks for posting! Since we don't know what the old app functions like (we haven't installed it) it's been a bit confusing. Their help material does not include any screenshots/directions from the faculty/meeting-creator view for the "Enhanced LTI". It's good to hear there is more functionality than just embedding the Zoom page into the Canvas frame.

Question - I've discovered that the integration might not be connecting through and tossing the 'User Not Found' error because our Zoom accounts are using the "email" format: where Canvas uses fname.m.lastname@dartmouth   Both are functional emails. In Canvas - our SISID is the format.

Anyone else have a similar issue? Can the LTI get mapped to the SISID field? There aren't options in the Zoom admin panel under Integrations to customize it.


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Our Campus is looking at the new integration for Zoom. If I hear anything, I will be happy to let the community know.

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hi all! We got the new Zoom "Enhanced LTI" working. We DO NOT have the the Canvas LTI (old deprecated Nov 18 app) installed. We *do not* have the Dev Key install (old app) and only have the Enhanced LTI installed. It was described as 'pure LTI' and there are no API calls (which makes sense, no Dev Key or Access Tokens).

We were told there are more features coming in the fall, including calendar features, etc. that will use the API and will need the Dev Key install. 

Here is what we found:

  • Zoom shows on the course menu
    • Not shown by default
    • Professor needs to make it visible in Navigation settings
  • Zoom can show in modules and assignments as an External Tool and has the same action/features as the button on the course menu.
  • Clicking Zoom on course menu (or in module or assignment):
    • Faculty
      • Logs in user to Zoom
      • Shows user limited Zoom panel
      • Can Schedule a Meeting
        • Scheduled meeting then immediately shows up in Zoom app and for user
      • Start meetings
      • See meetings NOT scheduled via Canvas
      • See Recordings
      • See Past Meetings
      • Start meeting triggers Zoom app to open/use (then features of Zoom app available)
    • Student
      • Logs in user to Zoom
      • Shows user limited Zoom panel
      • Sees meetings scheduled by professor of course ONLY
      • DOES NOT see meetings scheduled by self (using or Zoom app)
      • See Recordings of course meetings ONLY
      • See Past Meetings of course meetings ONLY
      • Cannot Schedule a meeting (nor do Zoom app or meetings show up)
      • Join a meeting triggers Zoom app to open/use (then features of Zoom app available)
  • There are not yet any calendar features
  • Students cannot schedule meetings nor see any non-course specific meetings

We have the Zoom SSO feature turned on that allows account provisioning from Canvas. That is, the first time a faculty members accesses Zoom in Canvas, it builds their Zoom account using the default (I assume) Canvas email address. We have two mail domains, and I don't recall if we made arrangements with Zoom to recognize them both, but it does for us.

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We use Zoom at CCSNH works great. Faculty are now creating their Zoom meetings in their Canvas course, it links to the course calendar and also puts a link on the syllabus page. You can start the meeting right in Canvas also. I do believe that you still need the meeting client software but that will install on first use.

hi Tammy (seems I can't tag you?) 

FYI that those features are in the old Canvas App for Zoom. That will be deprecated in November 2018 (check the Zoom help pages and the Integrations pane in Zoom admin panel).

The new Zoom LTI is not yet fully featured and does not integrate with the Calendar or Announcements. You can see what it does in my above post. It's a bit, clunky, in a way because students have an extremely limited view (cannot see meetings other than the course, while instructors can) and co-instructors can not automatically see each others meetings (they need to be added as a cohost/owner in Zoom).

We were told October for the rest of the new LTI to be built out with all the expected features. We were told not to install the Canvas App for Zoom, that, will stop functioning.

Another admin at another institution we spoke to said that when they switched over to the new LTI, all the prior Zoom links in the course were broken. Makes sense, it's a different app. It doesn't look like Zoom prepared for a seamless switchover, so that's something to talk to your Zoom CSM about.

Ok, we just went live June 1st so I thought maybe we had new features. I just reached out to our Chancellor’s office IT. Thanks for posting this.

Not sure if this is helpful but this came from Zoom not Canvas