section and section_id not showing up for all survey responses on an anonymous survey

Community Participant

We just adopted Canvas this past term, and have been trying to get end-of-term survey data from our Course Evaluation Surveys. However, we have run into a major issue with the Student Analysis Report CSV.

See survey settings below:

  • We set these surveys to be anonymous.
  • We have students in the courses that are in different sections, and we cross-listed all the sections into the main section. (We did this so that the faculty would only see notifications about the students they were responsible for grading.)
  • We synced over the sections originally from our SIS

When we click to do the Student Analysis Report, only a few of the student responses show up with a section, section_id, and section_sis_id. Most have that blank.

Furthermore, it doesn't even seem like all the students in a particular section are getting those fields populated. For example, when we do the Section Filter in the Canvas UI, it shows 3 responses for a section that only has 2 students with the section field populated in the CSV.

Does anyone know what is going wrong here?

Is there a way for us to get that section data to show up for everyone in the Student Analysis Report CSV?

We need this data in the CSV in order to identify the instructors based on which section they taught. We can get it manually from the Section Filter, but that is more tedious, given the number of courses for which we would need to do this. Also, there is a free-text field in our survey that doesn't show in the UI.

See attached CSV for an example of the problem. I took out some of the questions to preserve confidentiality.