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User Summary: Canvas Admins (2021-07-07)

User Summary: Canvas Admins (2021-07-07)

This document highlights default features in the current Canvas deploy for your user role.

The date of this document indicates when the included features will be available in the production environment. Unless otherwise indicated, features are already available in the beta environment.

To see the list of all updates available to all user roles, please see the Canvas deploy archive.



ePortfolio Login IDs

The ePortfolio CSV report includes author_sis_ID and author_login_id fields. The SIS ID field will be populated only if the user has an SIS ID. This change allows admins to view login information for ePortfolio users. 


Manage Courses Permission Adjustments

Within the Manage Courses permission at both the account and course levels, the granular permission group includes the Courses - Reset permission. Previously the course reset functionality was included in the Courses - Delete permission.

This permission will be set to the same access as the Courses - Delete permission (e.g. if the permission is disabled, Courses - Reset will also be disabled). Admins can customize both of these granular permissions as needed.

Course Reset permissionCourse Reset permission

At the account level, the Manage/Update permission has been removed from the group as a standalone permission as Courses - Manage / Update. This change allows the granular Manage Courses permission to be edited for course roles the same way as all other granular permission. Previously for individual course roles, each permission within the group had to be managed individually—all permissions in the group could not be updated at the same time.

Courses - Manage/Update permissionCourses - Manage/Update permission

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Sidebar Formatting Updates

The Permissions sidebars include additional white space for improved scannability and separation between permissions functionality. Additionally, the What it Does and Additional Considerations headers have been changed to all caps instead of title case.

Permissions SidebarPermissions Sidebar

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