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TL;DR: I want to transfer a badge (and its list of awardees) from one issuer to another

We have a Credentials license and are expanding how we use badges. We have an issuer that has been awarding badges for professional development, and we piloted additional professional development badges. That pilot has been successful, and we now have several staff who will be awarding badges and have need to view the list of awardees. Their tasks include downloading the list of awardees, and I want them to be able to do that without having to filter the downloaded lists. I want to move those badges and their list of awardees to another issuer with the same account. How can we do this?

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Thanks for clarifying that for us. You would want to import the badge from the Issuer to be moved to the target Issuer. This will not bring badge awards across and these badges would need to be re-awarded in the new Issuer.

Hope this helps!

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