How do I add or edit a group in Badges?

The Groups feature in Credentials Pathways is used to organize badge recipients into different segments or cohorts, so that they can be tracked along a Learning Pathway.

Note: When a group is created the end date can run up to six years.

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Open Issuers

To open an issuer, click the View Issuer button.

Edit/Create Group

In Issuer Navigation, click the Groups link [1] and then click the Create Group button [2] to create the group or Edit group [3] link to edit the group.

Manage Group

Type a name for the group in the name field [1] and add a description in the description field [2].

To add a end date for your group to be automatically archived, click the Calendar icon [3].

Select the Include me as staff checkbox, to add yourself as staff to the group [4].

To make the group visible to learners, click the Visible to learners checkbox [5].

Note: When the visible to learners checkbox is select gives learners access to features like the leaderboard, individual learner progress and creating triggers for individual badges. Leaving the box unchecked creates a hidden group that can only be subscribed to pathways.

Save Group

Save Group

To save the group, click Save button.