Troubleshooting Acclaim/Credly badges

Acclaim and Credly often use the same website and share support resources. The below steps can be used for either type of badge.

Badges created using the Open Badges platform can be manually uploaded to your Canvas Badges/Credentials account. From the badge you wish to add, select the tab with the link icon and click the Copy button to copy the Badge URL to your clipboard. This process is the same for Acclaim or Credly. The public URL then needs to be modified to upload your badge into your Canvas Badges/Credentials account.

  1. Go to the public view page for the Acclaim or Credly badge you wish to upload.
  2. In the address bar of your browser, use your mouse to select the letter-number id code following This is the id code for your specific badge.
  3. Paste your code at the end of the following link where it says id number. id number The example badge URL would appear as follows, with the bold lettering being your badge's id code: If you experience issues when uploading your badges see our Troubleshooting: Invalid Badges article.