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If you've used the external tool feature to place a view of a badge right in a module (to collect evidence or not) you may experience an error message.

Rarely, the configuration saved in Canvas for module item placements of a badge within a course becomes corrupted. This is easily corrected by reinstalling the Canvas Credentials LTI and reconfiguring the module badge placements. No data about your course configuration or awarded badges will be lost.


Closely follow these steps to correct the error:

  1. Remove the external tool placement in all modules and in all courses where it is being used.
    Note: If this step is skipped, the error message won't clear.
  2. Uninstall the Canvas Credentials LTI from the course, sub-account or root level.
  3. Reinstall the Canvas Credentials LTI at the course, sub-account or root level.
  4. Add the external tool placements in modules where desired.
  5. Observe that the tool is working properly.

Reinstalling the Canvas Credentials LTI won't affect ongoing courses. When the app is re-added to a Canvas instance, existing configurations and badge assignments will automatically be re-established.

  • The only exception is the Canvas Credentials LTI external tool placement(s), which should be removed manually prior to reinstalling the Canvas Credentials LTI app to clear the error: Placements made with a previous install of the Canvas Credentials LTI will no longer work with a new install.