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What are Modules?

What are Modules?

Modules allow instructors to organize content to help control the flow of the course.

Modules are used to organize course content by weeks, units, or a different organizational structure. Modules essentially create a one-directional linear flow of what students should do in a course.

Each module can contain files, discussions, assignments, quizzes, and other learning materials. Module items can be added to the course from existing content or new content shells within the modules. Course content can be added to multiple modules or iterated several times throughout an individual module. Modules can be easily organized using the drag and drop feature. Elements within the modules can also be reorganized by dragging and dropping.

Note: Keyboard shortcuts can be used to navigate the Modules page. To view a window with a list of keyboard navigation shortcuts, press the Shift+Question Mark keys simultaneously on your keyboard.

Instructor View

Instructor View

Instructors can add all course materials in modules, even if they are assigned to specific students, sections, or groups.

Use Modules to:

  • Create prerequisite activities that students must complete before moving on in the course
  • Track student progress through a sequence of learning activities
  • Organize course content by unit, day, week, topic or Outcome

Student View

Student View

Students only view the module content assigned to them in the modules structure. Each module can contain files, discussions, assignments, quizzes, and other learning materials. Modules can be expanded and collapsed.


Is it not a little hard to tell what tasks are complete?  I see the green checks, but not everything gets one.

It appears this module is based upon the progression of skills. Do the green tics appear automatically or does the teacher need to check each?


Hello @tonya_jones and @Thomas702 ,

Some module items may display the checkmark automatically when they are submitted, but others must be marked manually by the student.

How do I download a classroom picture that is on pinterest?

@kimberlywinget I'm not quite sure what you are asking. Is there a picture on Pinterest that you want to put in a course? 

Our teachers are using modules and Bitmoji classrooms inside canvas. We have modules hidden in the navigation so students do not have too many options. They are in 2-4 grade. Teacher bitmoji classrooms link to pages and assignments but it says they are denied access. Is this because it is hidden from the navigation?

Hi @Marisa_Rickel,

Thanks for posting your question. According to How do I manage Course Navigation links?, if the Modules link is disabled, it will disable Modules and redirect to the Home Page. 


What does this mean? "Students only view the module content assigned to them in the modules structure."

My guess is that it means that it means that before an item (e.g. an assignment or a file) is placed in a module, students can see that item (e.g. they will see it as an assignment in Assignments), but after that, the individual item will be hidden from them, except when they are completing the module.

Is that correct?

Hi @mabrams,

 If you add an assignment to a module, it is still visible in the Assignments page. Same goes for other types of content. I believe this sentence is trying to convey that students do no see publish status or module settings, and they will only view content they need to complete via module progress, MasteryPaths, etc.


Thanks @Cody .  That's still confusing to me, I guess.  Students don't ever see module settings right?  And they can only see published things, not unpublished things.  That doesn't have to do with "module structure" (whatever that is! 🙂 .  Maybe this text can be revised at some future point.  Modules are very useful, but they are somewhat confusing.

Agreed, @mabrams. I will make a note to revise that terminology.


Great--thanks Cody.

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