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Can you have group and individual submissions for an assignment?

I would like to create an assignment where students can work individually or work in groups. Will Canvas let groups and individual students submit assignments? When creating the groups, do I have to create groups for each individual student?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @jennifer_morris ​, from my experience if a student doesn't want to work in a group (and I'm using the Groups setting for Assignments) then yes, I have to create a group for that individual student.

Community Participant

Hi Jennifer, from my experience group assignments have (by my point of view) a flaw which actually adresses your question.

By design a group assignment will accept group submissions but also individual submissions as long as a student is not assigned to a group.

So if a non-assigned student submits something to this assignment he'll see all messages concerning that this is a group assignment etc., but it will still count towards him as a individual submission.

In Speedgrader you'll see something like this:


So this should actually do what you want.