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Canvas Catalog Instructurecon Meeting

Hi everyone, 
I just wanted to let you know that we scheduled a Canvas Catalog meeting at Instructurecon!!!!
I just heard from Kent Besaw (Director of CSM) and he has scheduled a Canvas Catalog meeting and this meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 in Warren Station and our meeting will be from 3:15 - 4:15 MDTHe suggests having our meeting be 45 minutes to leave time for extra questions. He will be attending and someone from Jared Stein's (Director of Product) team will be in attendance as well.
Please add items to the Instructurecon agendaCan't wait for our voices to be heard so spread the word! There will be a teleconference at this meeting just we are waiting for the link. I will let you know the link once it gets closer to the event -- for those people who can't attend the meeting.
Looking forward to seeing all of you and our discussion!
Kind regards,
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Would it possible to share a summary of the information and conversation shared during the Canvas Catalog meeting held during InstructureCon 2017?

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Trina Adams I am in charge of the unofficial Catalog collaboration group for Higher Education. But, I have been informed non-higher education users on the side. What I know from Instructure is that you should have been sent a survey by your CSM asking for feature requests about Catalog. Here are the results of this survey: Catalog Clients Survey Findings - 2017 Q3 - Google Slides 


I talked to a few people who are in charge of product and they said they need to upgrade AWS before installing the features mentioned. 


Please contact me with any questions.


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