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Catalog-Payment Portal

Hi Fellow Catalogians!

Our agency has yet to setup the payment portal in Catalog. Several projects have come to us recently and it is obvious that we will need to implement this soon. Can any of you provide me with tips or resources I can review about this? I spoke with  @jsowalsk ‌ a while back, but we were not ready to implement this at the time. 

I appreciate any information or even discussion posts you could send my way. Thanks in advance!

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We use for our payment gateway. People at Instructure such as Sydney Mccann turns on the gateway for each subcatalog when I tell her the url. I would reccomend getting a payment gateway service that has a sandbox so you can test out transactions before buying the service which has.

Hi Jessica, 

We are using to collect payments and I'm trying to help our business office differentiate between payments from different programs or classes. 

How do you reconcile payments submitted through Authorize?


Thanks for your help!

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We use TouchNet as our payment gateway.  @tyler_clair ‌ set ours up. He may be able to answer questions you have.

We are trying to get PayPal set up, but it has been a bit difficult, and we are still working on it.

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We have our TouchNet "marketplace" payment gateway working for our sub-catalog.  It required coordination between our Instructure rep, our campus TouchNet admin, and me, the sub-catalog admin.  Unfortunately, no documentation or instructions were provided.  If you need more info, I may be able to dig up a few more details.

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Hi dljoyork, 

It sounds like you are using Sub-accounts to segment payments, is that right? 

When configuring a sub-account, do you add separate integrations with the payment gateway?


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Yes, I think so to both questions.  I think our Catalog super admin did the first part and our TouchNet admin did the second part.  All I did was add some branding and send the following info to Ryan Houser <>:

  •         :upay_url - This is the payment page that the customer has set up with Touchnet
  •         :upay_site_id - This is a unique ID given to the customer by Touchnet.
  •         :tlink_url -This is the url to the production tlink service for this customer.