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Change Start Date


I've updated the course start dates under the course settings. We do not use Terms. However the changed dates do not display in the Program or the Course listings. Is it possible to update the start date displays?

Maybe its' a simple setting that I'm overlooking?



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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Unfortunately, you can't update the course settings in Catalog. This information might help: How do term dates, course dates, and section dates work in Canvas? Also, this may be of help: 

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If I understand your question correctly, there should be a relatively easy fix which I use myself.

Once you have updated the Section dates in Canvas the change will not immediately show in the Catalog tiles.

(I don't believe the Course Start & Course End dates are reflected in Catalog, but rather the Section dates)

When this happens, I access Catalog Admin, click to edit the listing in question, and then hit save without making any changes. I assume this sort of 'reestablishes' the connection between Canvas & Catalog - because the correct dates will then display in Catalog for me.

Community Participant

Ditto Kevin Hitt's response, except I do believe that you do not have to set explicit section dates, Catalog will use the course dates if section dates are absent. But, yes, you do have to re-save the Catalog listing in the admin interface. A source of occasional irritation.

One possibly relevant thing that has happened to me: I've created the course in Canvas as an admin and set the start/end dates, but have not yet added any people (even instructors), then I create the listing. In this case, Catalog will not pull the start/end dates because without any people, the Canvas course does not yet have a default (or any) section. Until there is a section in the course (which happens automatically once you add the first person) the listing will say "Self Paced".