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Change text within account registration in Catalog

Hello Catalog users -

I'm in need of coding help. We are wanting to change the Already have an account? Sign in here text. I've reviewed the GitHub code (catalog/branding/change_registration_page_account_text at master · unsupported/catalog · GitHub)

and pasted the JS into the appropriate box on the Catalogs > Customizations page. I see no change in my wording when testing the Enroll page.

For example, here is a current view:

314045_Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 11.38.11 AM.png

I simply want to change the text to read Already have a UTK NetID? Sign in here.

Here is the code I'm using:

var find_text = 'Already have an account?';

var replace_text = 'Already have a UTK NetID?';

var url_path = /^\/(courses|programs)\/\d+\/enrollment\/new\/*/i;


var element = $("p.text-center:contains('"+find_text+"')");

element.html(element.html().replace(find_text, replace_text));


Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Honestly, we have not found a way to do this. I would recommend contacting support.

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Will keep an eye on this!

We have users completely skip over Sign in here due to size compared to the eye candy of the profile fields.

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A couple of updates to my original question -

(1) I did reach out to support. They are not able to assist with any coding. Totally understandable!

(2) Here in the Community, I found  @John_Lowe ‌'s post Custom text on user registration screen. and with his latest code tweak, I was able to at least add text beneath the standard "Already have an account?" notice. Smiley Happy

Hope this update helps!

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I would use jquery for this. Something like.

$(window).load( function() {
var urlList = ["yoururl"];
$newtext2 = "<p>Already have a UTK NetID? Sign in here</p>";
$(".divname):contains('Already have an account?')").html($newtext2);

It finds the text string that needs replacing within the div element (you need to know its name) in question and replaces it with an HTML variable called 'newtext2' for a specified URL. I have used similar replace and find code in Catalog.

An alternative 'find and replace' method in jquery is: 

$(".divname").find(":contains('Already have an account?')").html("<p>Already have a UTK NetID? Sign in here</p>");

Hope this helps


This is great!

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Thank you! I will test this out for sure!

This was great! by any chance do you know how i can change the text that says Self-paced? 

thank you