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Hey everybody,

I am reaching out to those in the Catalog community that use PayPal as their primary gateway to get their experience with PayPal as a payment gateway. We are in the process of switching from TouchNet to PayPal as the majority of our Campus now uses PayPal, provided by our campus, to collect payments. The problem we ran into early on and have finally found a solution is the PayPal gateway forces a user to create a PayPal account. This is not required by other PayPal forms on all other campus websites and what we discovered is there was a setting on the payment gateway that was set incorrectly, this change needs to be made for Utah State University by the Catalog team.

I wanted to know from those using PayPal is if they are okay with the gateway forcing their users to create a PayPal account? If you are currently using it, have you had to give specific instructions to your users and have you had any pushback? Would you want the Catalog team to make that change for your PayPal payment gateway as well? We want to have the lowest barrier possible for our users to pay and access our non-academic courses and workshops and we feel that this is an unnecessary step to add to the payment process. It has actually forced several of our catalog users to postpone going live while this gets sorted out.

Another colleague that I work with posted a similar thread but only one Institution responded: Using PayPal as your Payment Gateway 



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Also,  @jazemlya ‌? We tried out PayPal at the very beginning and it didn't work for us since it doesn't have a test environment/sandbox environment. We instead are using 

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