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Use final score to generate certificate

Hello everyone!

We currently want to use the overall final score of the course as the generator for the certificate in Catalog.

The idea I have is to create an assignment, add to the module section (requirement being 70 out of 100) and manually grade the assignment according the the student's final score. The problem is we have over 100 students in the course and that's going to be lots and lots of work and especially time consuming; we'll have students waiting more time for than certificate.

Is there any other way we can use the final score?

All ideas are welcome!

Thank you!

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We have been doing this with a no-submission assignment that the instructor

grades complete/incomplete based on the student's final grade. To my

knowledge they have been doing this manually, but would the gradebook's

"Import" feature <>

help speed things up?

I've never used it, but it seems like you can export the gradebook without

the "certificate assignment" graded, in the resulting csv put a formula in

that column to give the appropriate people the appropriate grade, then save

and Import the revised csv.

Leigh Bernstein

Boston College

On Thu, Aug 2, 2018 at 11:08 AM stefaniesanders <>

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We have been setting up automated quizzes as the assessment that would trigger the certificate of completion.