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Using PayPal as your Payment Gateway


Has anyone set up PayPal as your payment gateway for Catalog? I am trying to get it set up as our payment gateway, but I am running into a snag.

Tagging‌. I remember that someone in the User Group has successfully set up PayPal but I can't remember. If you have set it up, can I ask you some questions?

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We're currently setting up PayPal as our Gateway, so I'll watch this thread! What's your snag?

We offer our courses to the public, they do not need to be part of the University to take our courses. We would like the users to have the option of paying with a credit card. We have set up a business account with PayPal, and it accepts credit card payments instead of a PayPal Account payment. However, we are getting the message that the users still have to create a PayPal Account even though they are paying with a credit card. We would like to eliminate that option.

I know someone is using PayPal, and I am curious to find out if they were able to delete the requirement to create a PayPal Account on the payment screen or not. See image below.


 @lwhitleyputz ‌

Have you had any success yet? Has anyone else set up PayPal yet?

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We are trying to set up PayPal with Canvas, but we keep getting an error. We are using Payflow Pro, but it doesn't seem to be responding to the API account that we created in Payflow Pro. Any ideas what may be causing the issue? 


After multiple tries we had no luck setting up PayPal with Catalog. We ended up using with a sandbox (which we couldn't use with PayPal) and it works wonderfully.