Vote it up: Setting Matrix for Catalog to Support Accurate Transcript Data and Certificate Release

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Hello all,

There have been several posts regarding confusion and inaccuracies posted in transcripts created by Canvas Catalog. Please consider voting up this idea.

Matrix of settings for Catalog

----A combination of posts leading to this idea request is offered below.----

Our organization has had endless struggles with determining the settings for accurate transcripts, issuing and availability of certificates, and restricting access after completion. 

Re: How are you going about expiring courses associated with Catalog?

course/section expired; view/download certificate expired

Terminology and Accuracy Of Transcript


I would be tremendously grateful for a matrix indicating the results of each on and off switch as it relates to the transcript and course access. i.e. start dates, end dates, only participate checked/unchecked, restrict viewing after end date checked/unchecked, restrict before start date checked/unchecked,.....and then what happens to everything if settings are activated in a section vs course details.