email verification for free courses causing confusion

Community Participant

When a new user signs up for a free course, after completing the enrollment form, they get a message to "check your email" (screenshot attached). 

The problem is when you go to check, there are two emails. One is the confirming of the email address, the other is the "you are now enrolled in this course." They come at the same time. 

And since the "enrolled in this course" email comes last, there's a good chance the student will see it first (it will be at the top of the inbox). And if they do that, they are taken to the dashboard page and see the same message "check your email."

Which is a little confusing, we've had students go in circles and not figure it out. (if they click "send again" it will push that confirmation email to the top, but stills seems inelegant). 

Is this a flaw in the design/workflow? Anyone have a good workaround?