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Announcement about Historical Page View Requests Data

Announcement about Historical Page View Requests Data


When Canvas Data is enabled, the following happens:

    - a set of flat files will appear nightly for your account

    - the files will contain tables representing all data from the beginning of when your Canvas instance was activated

    - the nightly dump is a complete refresh every night, with the exception of the page view requests table which will contain an incremental dump from the day before

    - Historical page view reqeusts data needs to be uploaded separately after Canvas Data has been enabled. An IC will submit a request and the Canvas Data team will be loading the historical data every 2-3 weeks in batches for mulitple schools.

If your Canvas instance was enabled for Canvas Data as of 11/20, you should be seeing a refresh of your historical page view requests .  All historical page view data should be loaded starting with 2014-03-01 or the beginning of the customer's subscription. Whichever is later.

Please let us know if you have any issues with the files or data.  You can file a support ticket and indicate "Canvas Data" in the title of your ticket.


Canvas Data team

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